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Ant Control

The most important step in ant control is to search the nest and destroy it. Our licensed professional Pest Control Operator will start with a thorough inspection to search the nest and their harborage sites. Nests are often found in crack or crevice. A treatment may be applied at this point if the nest cannot be located. Baits are placed in strategic areas for foraging ants to transfer to the nest. Baits contain an attractive food substance and a small amount of chemical that does not kill the ant but allows it to return to the nest. Ants feed by regurgitating food to other ants. The ants will be killed or carry the chemical back to the nest and kill others. To prevent ants from entering the house, a perimeter spray can be used.

Like all pests, ants require food and water to survive; by eliminating these basic necessities you can greatly reduce their numbers. A good housekeeping and hygiene program is essential to discourage ant infestation.

Ant Control Services Ant Management Singapore
Residual spray around the house perimeter
to prevent ants from entering the house.
Gel baiting next to ant trails and suspected
areas of ant activity.
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