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Garden Pest Control

Garden pests include mosquitoes, flies, common ants, bees, hornets and snake etc.

If you have a problem with dangerous stinging insects or venomous snakes, our team of professional Pest Control technician and properly equipped technicians will help you safely and effectively meet the unique challenges posed by stinging insects or venomous snakes. Wasps, hornets, bees and snakes infest homes, buildings, garden and trees, threatening your safety and can even prove fatal when bitten by venomous snakes or to those who are allergic to bee stings. Do not attempt to remove or destroy bees or snakes on your own. So, your first step should be to contact the pest control experts, Alliance Anticimex®.

bee control

Bee control Hornet and bee hive
Hornet and Bee hive
Wasp and hornet control and hive removal Garden pest management
Wasp and Hornet Control and Hive Removal

snake control

Physical Snake Removal Involves the direct removal of any unwanted snakes from a particular area. This can be accomplished with professional snake tongs. Captured snakes are usually transported in a snake bag. Specialty professional snake tongs helped to capture and remove snakes without inflicting injury to snake (or human). It is unwise for the unskilled to attempt to catch snakes by hand.

snake control snake management
Snake Control

Garden spraying for mosquitoes, flies and common ants control

garden spraying garden pest control
Garden spraying
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