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General Pest Control

Pest Inspection
We do a thorough inspection inside and outside your premises. Then, whether its ants, roaches, rodents or other common pests, we will manage any existing problems or infestations.

Pest Indentification
Pest Identification
Proper identification of pests is important when deciding on the control methods to be used. You will get expert solutions and advice on any existing pest, termite or other problems from our entomologist.

Pest Treatment Options
Treatment Options
Our trained Team Members will identify any existing or potential problems in and around your premises. We'll provide a customized plan to correct any problems. Should a problem arise between regular services, we'll be back.

Treatment Options

Decisions are made based on the pest species, extent of infestation, areas to be treated, your concerns about the environment and of course, your budget.

Environmental and health protection is our main focus when eliminating pests. Our carefully selected range of products along with our application methods are designed to cause no adverse health effects particularly in sensitive situations when dealing with children, pets or non-targeted animals.

The products we select are fully registered and have been through extensive testing to ensure that our client’s expectations are exceeded. Chemicals used are approved by The National Environment Agency (NEA).

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