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The Real Danger: Termites destroy HOMES!!

Termites lurk in every home across the Singapore. Every home is not spared from termite attack. Termite infestation and damage caused is usually not covered by insurance. And since a home shelters a family and their valuable things, now it's time to seek the most reliable protection against termites.

CEPTIVA Powder: The Real Deal against termites!

Ceptiva Powder, containing 0.5% Fipronil, is the latest global breakthrough in complete termite colony elimination. With over a decade of scientific research, CEPTIVA was developed with a very unique feature called the Transfer Effect. When CEPTIVA is applied on termites, the affected termites transfer CEPTIVA to others by direct application, mouth to mouth feeding, grooming behavior, and contact.

The CEPTIVA advantages
  • BROADER EFFECTIVITY - Formulated against all destructive species of subterranean termites
  • FASTER KILL - only 2 to 3 weeks to eliminate an existing termite population
  • EFFICIENT USAGE - takes only about 3-5 grams to kill a termite colony
  • USER FRIENDLY - no drilling required and no need to prepare any termite feeding stations
  • ECOLOGICALLY SAFE - odourless and of low toxicity to humans, animals and the environment.
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