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xtermTM - Termite Monitoring and Baiting System

XtermTM - Termite Monitoring and Baiting System

XtermTM ; Above-Ground Termite Bait Stations should be installed by trained pest management professionals after a thorough inspection as this method relies heavily on the termites "finding" and consuming sufficient bait.

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XtermTM Above Ground (AG) Bait Station XtermTM In Ground (IG) Bait Station
  • XtermTM is a revolutionary baiting system incorporating new design features that include the latest highly attractive, fastest acting anti-termite bait matrix.

  • The novel XtermTM compressed bait matrix has allowed the co-development of low profile above ground XtermTM bait stations that will ensure termite control no longer requires the use of large unsightly bait boxes.

  • The XtermTM system uses bait cartridges loaded with multi-surface tablets, ensuring easy bait acceptance as every termite has a surface to feed on. The in-built hygroscopic nature of the bait allows moisture to penetrate the bait further increasing its palatability.

  • The active within XtermTM is a CSI which when used in the sealed XtermTM cartridge system ensures an action specific to termites with no effect on non-target organisms or the environment.

  • The XtermTM bait cartridge system allows easy, clean application of bait to the stations as and when required. The "oscillating XtermTM " bait cartridge replacement program" ensures minimum disturbance to feeding termites.

What do termites feed on

Subterranean termites feed exclusively on wood and wood products containing cellulose. In their intestines, termites have protozoa that provide enzymes to digest cellulose. Termites are able to tear off extremely small fragments of wood using their hard, saw-toothed jaws. Termites often infest buildings and damage lumber wood panels, flooring, sheetrock, wallpaper, plastics, paper products and fabric made of plant fibers. The most serious damage results from the loss of structural strength. Other costly losses include attacks on flooring, carpeting, art work, books, clothing, furniture and valuable papers.

How do I know if my house is infested?

Termites rarely come to the surface to feed. So most of the time, you will only find out that they are there when it's too late. However, there are signs that one can look out for as a warning of their presence.

  • Swarmers in and around the house, especially near sources of light after rain.
  • Presence of mud shelters from ground to woodwork or on foundation walls.
  • Sagging doors, hoors and ceilings.
  • Shed wings left near doors and windows.
  • Acoustic signal termites gnawing on and knocking against the wood surfaces.
  • Paint that has started to bubble on wood surfaces.

Benefits of xtermTM
  • Faster action
  • Fuss-free installation
  • No drilling / pumping of chemicals in the home
  • Environmentally sound
  • Unobtrusive bait station design
  • Unique, highly attractive compressed cellulose formulation

Regular Follow-up inspections

It is essential to carried out regular inspections to check for signs of termite activity especially at susceptible buildings or timber structures. We constantly research and test products and techniques to make sure you get the best possible results.

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