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Soil Treatment
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Thinking of a new house? Your home is typically your single largest investment and needs to be protected from termites. Why take the chance of termites when you can prevent them before building? The best time to protect your home from termites is before it is ever built.

Soil Treatment is the most effective and cost-efficient form of subterranean termite prevention. The process involves treating the soil beneath the entire building, during the pre-construction stage with repellant or non-repellant termiticide.

Concept: To establish a termiticide barrier between building and soil to prevent termites from entering into the building.

Spraying of termiticide to the compacted soil

Covering of Polythylene sheet after the spraying of termiticide

Soil Treatment Termiticides

We are one of the few Authorized Applicator for Agenda 10SC and Optigard Termite Liquid.

Authorized Applicator Premise® 200SC Authorized Applicator Wazary® 10FL

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