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The TERMATRAC T3i is another up-to-date technology procured that combines 3 critical processes into a single hand-held unit, enhancing the accuracy in termite detection.

  1. Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide: Performs a role similar to a thermal imaging camera, enabling the operator to 'point & scan' for changes in building surface temperature which is common sign of termite infestation.
  2. Moisture Sensor: Improves the Pest Control Technicians' ability to identify concentration of moisture in walls typical of termite risk areas.
  3. Termite Detection Radar: Calibrates radar signals to locate termites through concrete, brick and many other common building materials, furnishings and surfaces. It ensures no physical penetration of walls and no need for trapping or prodding, hence any termites present are not disturbed and remain active for easy and accurate treatment.

    The above two new equipment serve as complements and enhancements to the Thermal Imaging Camera, making the process of termite detection more efficient and accurate.

The Ultimate 3-in-1 tool to DETECT, CONFIRM & TRACK  the presence of termites
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