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Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera


Thermal imaging is the latest in technology used to aid termite inspections and thus reduce guesswork and minimize human error in the termite detection process.

The system offers a revolutionary new solution for detecting termites quickly and accurately: high-powered, customized IR technology will empower inspectors to, in effect, "see" and "read" through a house's walls, floors and ceilings, uncovering hidden problems that may go undetected in an ordinary visual inspection.

Being parts of our ongoing development, Alliance Termite Management System has since refined and customized these technologies specifically for termite inspection which will empower our termite specialist to perform advanced, state-of-the-art termite inspectionsthat go far beyond the traditional inspection.”


Thermal imaging detects heat patterns. All materials on earth emit heat energy, in the infrared portion of the spectrum. Objects with a temperature above absolute zero (- 273° C) emit infrared radiation which is not visible to our naked eye. Unlike visible light, in the infrared world everything with a temperature above absolute zero emits heat. Even very cold objects, like ice cubes, emit infrared. Unfortunately, the unaided human eye cannot see in the infrared.

Thermal Imaging Camera enables us to see and measure heat. The Thermal imaging camera is extremely sensitive and has the ability to detect small temperature changes in a building and is a useful tool when detecting termite nests in the home, possible termite damage and areas of moisture within the house. When termites invade buildings, the normal heat patterns of the walls, floors and roof are changed due to the presence of termites.

Infrared in action

  • Rapid and effective scanning for termites
    The Thermal Imaging Camera adds valuable information on hard to see areas to a Visual Pest Inspection, and allows us to assess areas that were previously impossible to access without removing wall linings.

  • No damage to building
    Infrared Inspection is a non-invasive and non intrusive tool that is designed to identify and assess termite activity within poorly accessible and concealed areas, such as within wall window/door frames, ceiling and under floors.

  • Quick and immediate information on termite infestations
    Pictures to provide evidence of infestation where we can instantly identify problem areas that can be immediately documented into a report which clients will easily comprehend.

  • No radiation or chemical used.
    The technology is entirely safe and poses no threat to health, as the equipment only detects infrared radiation naturally emitted from an object and does not emit anything itself.

  • Environmentally friendly
    method of successfully locating termite activity in buildings, trees, retaining walls and other timber structures.
Infrared in action


A comprehensive report outlining the results of the Thermal Imaging Inspection will be documented and handed to client. This report will include the digital images and thermal images of any anomalies detected.

A thermal imaging camera records change in heat pattern and indicates the exact location of any termite infestation. A colour image shows hot spots and cold spots, these heat patterns indicate termite infestations. The operator is trained to interpret and analyze the images.

The report is easy to read and understands and contains advice on the full range of termite solutions available plus other helpful homeowner information.

Seeing the World In Infrared

This outstanding technology gives us the ability to actually observe what's going on behind those finished walls and ceilings of any building. Everything from water leakage, to the presence of concealed shelter tubes of termites, and even mold build-up will affect the surrounding temperature of a surface.

What you see
IR FUSION (Picture in Picture view)
What we see
These three photos at the bottom demonstrate what termite infestations look like through the eyes of a Thermal Imaging Camera
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